Entry for ROA inHouse Contest Version 1 – Category 11 | “STUDENTS’ LIFE” by Joshua Nnamdi

Student Life by Joshua Nnamdi

Entries for Route Africa’s first ever in-House contest closed Thursday night, 2100 hrs GMT+1. Like the beginnings of any novel endeavour, it was not as impressive as one would hope for, but was instead an endeavour full of hope.

We received two entries in total (out of an expected 25) in two different categories. That doesn’t make much for a contest, so we’ve decided to – in the spirit of ensuring everyone wins – post the received entries here on our blog. The entries posted here for this version shall not be considered  “winning entries” such as should be awarded the prize of being published by our more established online literary magazine partners however.

The categories entered for were the flash fiction and the blog post categories (categories 5 and 11). The blog post entry, a highlight on student life written by Route Africa’s own Joshua Nnamdi (a first year student of chemical engineering in the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria) taken from an active stance is our focus on this post. It is very light reading (superb for any casual blog post, which is ups for him), and it relates well with just about any student in any Nigerian college/university. It’s a fun read.

Have at the look at an excerpt which we’ve reblogged here, and click on it to read more.



Waking up this afternoon from my slumber,I remembered how I was told in elementary school that I am a leader of tomorrow.Since when I was told I have been privileged to be an a active participant of every ‘tomorrow’ that came my way.To be sincere,I was not very active in some because of something I cherish so much;sleep.Anyway,that I was a participant is what is necessary whether active or the other way round.So I have every right to give you details on what I encountered while active.Getting into school,I saw and came in contact with too many leaders of tomorrnw.They were already leading in their various endeavours and it was till then I got a clearer picture of what students’ life looked like.
I came across students that made me feel they were positively charged and their books the opposite.Our elementary science made us to understand that unlike charges…

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