Route Africa is Here: Brief Details on Our Inauguration Holding on 29th September, 2016

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Programme of Events for Route Africa’s Inauguration

Route Africa holds her inauguration/fundraiser tomorrow. It promises to be a special, exciting, event, aimed at letting the world know who we are, and what we’re about.

The photo above is the programme of events for the day.

Official twitter discussion hashtag: #ROAisHere

…Birds and Bridges.


Solo Entry for Route Africa’s In-House Contest V2

Our second version of our in-house contest had just one entry. The theme for this in-house contest was “Sports and the Olympics”, and this entry was submitted by Joshua Nnamdi for the category of best blog post. Like V1, having this solo entry means that there could be no technical winner. But with Route Africa, everyone’s a winner.

We highlight this entry which is fun, quirky submission on a kid game that the author wishes were included in the olympics. Below is an excerpt of the story. Click the following link to read the entire entry.

We hope that our third version (V3) receives better number of entries, so that our first winner will be announced. Who will it be?

V3 details will be announced before the end of the week. Stay Tuned.

#ROAinHouseV2 When you talk about the sport I wish were in the Olympics,I get more confused yet excited.Confused because there are so many sports on my mind and making a choice would be as difficul…

Source: The sport I wish were in the Olympics

Official twitter discussion hastags for V2 were: #Rio2016 #WriteRio2016 and #ROAinHouseV2


We thank Irenosen Okojie, for her relentless support, and publicity of our cause and what we do. And, pay attention now, her new short story collection “Speak Gigantular” gets to be officially published in 9 days time (September 15). Its riveting (as expected), and highlights the story of lovelorn aliens abduct innocent coffee shop waitresses, where the London Underground (pun here?)is inhabited by the ghosts of errant Londoners caught between here and the hereafter, among other things. Click here to order a copy on amazon.