A New President: ROA In-House Contest V3 Entries Closed

Entry for the third version of Route Africa’s In-House Contest ended today. 

It was a fun time exploring the theme “A New President”. This theme was inspired by the American Presidential Elections that would come to a close by tomorrow, 9th. 

The theme explores the pomp and circumstance associated with the office of president, not just in the United States, but anywhere else. The carefully selected topics for the 12 categories of the contest gives a full spectrum view of the good, the bad, the ugly, but most importantly, the understood about what it means to be president, all from the perspective of emerging African writers. 

Receiving a total of two submissions (a blog post and a short fiction),  there was no need for a judging panel. These entries will be put up here (or given an honourable mention here) in due time. We hope V4 will be much more engaging. Our hopes are to attach a prize money to the next version. 

Writing, among Africans, especially those questioning their love or desire to write is indeed challenging. And this is one of the missions of Route Africa-to make sure this does not remain the case. Our in-house contest is one way we achieve this. It is incessant writing. It is fun, and the surest way to improve one’s writing skills. 

Care to write some more?  Don’t hesitate. Join up with us, let’s learn together.

Details for V4 will be announced on this blog in 7 days time. Stay tuned. 


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