Route Africa Launches SoundCloud Podcasts

So, in today’s world, writing with pen and paper seem not to suffice anymore. Platforms like wattpad provide means to convert your mobile phone or tablet (or laptop if you’re old school)  to a typewriter and churn pieces of words away. YouTube was a blessing for spoken word poetry performers…and stage acting (improv, miming, etc). The list of ways literary involvement and appreciation has advanced and integrated itself really well in society today tells of the acceptability of more and more unorthodox ways of creating works of literature. Mobile apps, TV, radio, the internet, are all mighty facilitators of this integration. More people who were skeptical at first are now trying their hands at pieces of writing, of any sort (wattpad alone boasts of 127k sign ups every day. The ongoing NaNoWriMo, in one year’s event alone, creates stories whose words when lined up to each other could stretch from Berkeley to Timbuktu and back). One of those platforms is soundcloud (the YouTube of audio).

Today, podcasts are everywhere, people are talking about everything from all over the place, in their own unique way. And people are listening too. The spread of information is at its highest; and it’s only going to keep spreading. As you might have come to notice, we at Route Africa are all about aiding the spread of that information. But instead, our information; Africa’s information, Africa’s stories, through the minds and lips of young Africans (especially students). This has lead to the launch of our soundcloud platform where member-writers of Route Africa talk about African literature they way they want to. And all you’ve got to participate is tune in and listen, all for free. 

And what’s more brilliant?  All you need to do to get a section where you can speak to as an African writer is to simply register. You’ll be free to share any piece of literature or literature news or gossip or talk you may want to share, in your way. 

And we must repeat this again-in your own way! 

We kick off this launch with a podcast from our President and founder Chiziterem Ndukwe-Nwoke. His corner is “What’s up Writing World? ” and as a starter, he reads out and talks about the take a notable African literary icon had on the results of the American presidential elections. And then, he goes on to read out a poem he wrote on the despair in solitariness titled ‘Solitaire’. 

Here’s the link to the podcast on soundcloud:

So, quit waiting if you’re reading this and require a means to let your voice be heard and be part of a community dedicated to announcing you to the world as well. Join us. Speak. Let the world hear your message and your story. 


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