Testimonials From Our Members

Some time ago, right before our inauguration, a handful of Route Africa members made videos of themselves, speaking of why they joined Route Africa, what Route Africa is doing for them and their literary goals, and where they hope their journey with the organization would take them to in the near future. Route Africa founder and president, Chiziterem Ndukwe-Nwoke, narrated a short version of our start up story. 

In case you missed our inauguration where these videos where first viewed, we’ve gone ahead to upload them on YouTube for you to see yourselves. 

Here are the videos, seven of them:

From Chiziterem Ndukwe-Nwoke (founder) on how we started:

From Ekpegbue Stanley:

From Queen Arekpitan:

From Chima Okeke:

From Egbuna Michael:

From Precious Eke:

From Ifunanya Igwe:

If you want to be part of this, it’s easy. Follow this link ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSco7-houhLMfpLAdiOsP-orTDs761jcA8soEb7vdOhi40mdUA/viewform ) fill the form to become part of the fast rising community of emerging African writers that is Route Africa, observe your stay, then make your own video and mail to routeafricamail@gmail.com with subject line: “ROA Testimonial from <your name>”

For you all who take time to read our blog, many thanks for being part of our story. 


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