In-House Writing Contest v4 Winners

We’re happy to once again announce the winners of our in-house writing contest v4 themed “Of Christmas”.

Contest was held in 12 categories and a good number of entries were received within the 3 week space the contest ran. Our judges took a good look at the entries and returned these names as the winners of this version’s contest (only 2 of 12 categories are represented here, and this is because entries for other categories were insufficient to make out a winner):

Best Short Fiction: “The Made List Checked Twice” by Chiziterem Ndukwe-Nwoke. 

Best Flash Fiction: “Christmas with the Okoyes” by Thea Onyekwuo. 

Both winning entries have been published on reputable African literary blog, Click on the entry titles to read. Do well to share and comment on the entries. 

We congratulate Chiziterem and Thea for their participation, and bid them success for the upcoming v5.

To find out details about our in-house contests, click the link below:

Version 1
Version 2 (Rio 2016 Olympics) 

Version 3 (A New President)
Version 4 (Of Christmas)
Expect a more exciting v5, and remember, writing never ceases. 

….birds and bridges! 


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