Route Africa Announces: Route Africa 2.0


American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald said, “I found that all through the years you never appreciate anything if you get it in a hurry.” Those words have guided Route Africa and her members through what is best described as a slow, perhaps vapid, 2017.

This period, for Route Africa management, has been about restructuring — top-to-bottom restructuring — and indeed, it has been hard. Members did leave in throngs, but there were a faithful few who understood the need to wait. And their wait is not in vain.

It pleases us to announce that the wait is just about over. It heralds what management has termed “Route Africa 2.0”. It is not a different organization; just a vamped up, better-structured, one, and it will roll out in phases.

We will not be giving out information more than is necessary per time concerning this new and improved Route Africa, but be rest assured, whenever something big is about happening (and there are many in the works), you’ll be the first to know.

For now, phase I and II of establishing this new Route Africa has gone into effect:

  • Phase I is all about publicity and reward, and it is simple. Route Africa members, in their words, publicize the organization and attract new blood ready to join the moving train. They are rewarded by having their literary works published on this blog (as many as they can submit, with good editing done). These works are shared, and reviewed, and their writers can gain a public view to their writing prowess and style, and either take advises and critiques on improvements, or feel good about positive feedbacks they receive.
  • Phase II is an internal election for every available executive position in the organization, from top to bottom. It involves self-nomination (based on qualifications, and a good review of office requirements) so as to avoid any form of nepotism, and elections held across all 6 Route Africa leadership levels (INC, NNC, IC, NC, INCT, INCSS—more on this later) after nominations. This ensures new eyes, and eager working spirit needed to drive the organization to its needed heights.

After these two phases, other phases will roll out, and the full reestablishment of the organization will come to effect with the launch of a fully functional website.

Just stay tuned, and suffer long with us, that is all we ask. You’ll not regret it in the end.

For now, we say, welcome back. We’ve not hurried 2017, and we’ve taking caution with haste. What remains is the benefits of patience and good planning.

We remain your bridge for conveying your messages to the rest of the world, as long as you remain that African bird with ink.


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