Celebrating World Poetry Day | “Rubrics of My Enchantment” by Uzor Michael 

To celebrate the international Day of Poetry, here’s the winning poem from member, Uzor Michael, on the occasion of our club inauguration in Federal University of Technology Owerri, on 29th September, 2016.

Rubrics of my Enchantment

By Uzor Michael
Whispers of my lost charm

Sift through the thick cloud atop my yam barn

A rendition of discordant tunes

Forcing through my mind a calabash of runes

Of painted malice of my past and present
If only I had known

Alas! My gloom builds a room for me

A lonely room in my mud hut

How I longed for her companionship

If only she knew
I listen. Yes! My ears are awake

To a distant lullaby

Thinking the beautiful hymn to be hers

My feet set to work, dancing.

I dance, and dance.
Oh! The essence of my enchantment

You make me sing when all else is quiet

Your smile, a revelation of starry nights

Oh! My peace amidst chaos

Rubrics of my enchantment.
As I stroll to the farm

The grasses remind me of your fertility

The birds, your freedom

The swift breeze, your gentle caress on my skin

You set the path straight and I walk unharmed
Teach me oh my beloved

Set straight this chaos in my heart
Make me bold to say

My unending confession in hay
Take me by the hand and lead me

Yes lead me, for you are my enchantment
If words mean anything to you

Then hear me say them

You are the oil that adorns my roasted yam

The vegetable that saturates my oha soup
I still hear that distant tune

My heart echoes your voice
Yes! You are my rubrics

And I’ll follow you all the way.